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Shanghai Tower Backgrounder




Shanghai Tower, located at the core of Pudong’s Lujiazui Finance and Trade Area in Shanghai, is 632 meters tall, with 121 floors above ground, 5 floors underground and a total construction area of ​​576,000 square meters. It is a vertical city and a mixed-use structure, with office space, a hotel, exhibition halls and both business and tourism functionalities.


Shanghai Tower gradually spirals up with a 120-degree inclination, its curved façade and spiraling form symbolizing the dynamic emergence of modern China.


Leading the design concept of global sustainability, Shanghai Tower strictly adheres to today’s green building design standards. Shanghai Tower is a reflection of the city’s commitment and support towards an ecological environment, with a variety of green building techniques and a high greening ratio of 33%.


Together with its neighbors, the 420-meter Jinmao Tower and the 492-meter Shanghai World Financial Center, Shanghai Tower and its graceful spiraling design completes the urban triumvirate. Shanghai Tower will stand as the city’s new beacon, defining the skyline with its silhouette together with surrounding landmarks such as the Oriental Pearl TV Tower, and demonstrating the opening up of the Pudong Lujiazui Finance and Trade Area.

As the masterpiece completing the skyscraper triumvirate in the Lujiazui Finance and Trade Area, Shanghai Tower will be open to the public upon its completion in 2015. It will become the tallest and largest building in China.


Lujiazui Finance and Trade Zone, Pudong, Shanghai, China


30,370 square meters

Architectural composition

Main tower + podium

Main Tower

Height: 632 meters

Floors structural height: 580 meters 125 floors, 121 usable floors

Area: Approximately 576,000 square meters (410,000 square meters above ground, 166,000 square meters underground)

Function: Office, hotels, recreation, sightseeing, retail and cultural spaces


Height: 38 meters

Floor: 5 Floors

Area: Approximately 60,100 square meters

Function: boutique retail, catering, hotel entrance, exhibitions and banquets. Retail, parking lot, service and electromechanically facilities are available in the basement area.

Owner / Developer

Shanghai Tower Construction and Development Co., Ltd.


With a RMB 8.6 billion registered capital, the company is jointly funded by Shanghai Chengtou Corporation (51%), Shanghai Lujiazui Finance and Trade Zone Development Co., Ltd. (45%) and Shanghai Construction Group Co., Ltd. (4%).



In line with the strategic objectives of Shanghai to develop their financial service sector and establish itself as an international financial center, Shanghai Tower will become the landmark of the Finance and Trade Area in Lujiazui and an important foundation for the financial service sector in Shanghai. Shanghai Tower also plays an important role in optimizing the overall planning of the Lujiazui area, perfecting city space, improving comprehensive business functions and accelerating the offerings of this modern service sector. 


As a vertical city comprised of 9 zones, Shanghai Tower serves five key functions:


First, it provides international-standard, Grade-A offices. The area from Zone 2 to Zone 6 is comprised of approximately 220,000 square meters of office area. In each zone, there is a trade floor providing corporations with fully-equipped space for financial trade businesses. To meet the differentiated demands of the financial service sector such as banks, insurances, securities and funds, and regional headquarters of transnational corporations together with modern new-type service industries for offices, it offers 24/7, customized office space, system and service.


Second, it houses a luxury five-star hotel and facilities. Zone 7 and Zone 8 will house J Hotel-- a luxury five-star hotel originating in China, with approximately 80000 square meters in total. This hotel, run by top international hotel management companies will offer high-end customers personalized service, an experiential accommodation environment and a luxurious space to meet their every need.


Third, it provides space for themed boutique businesses. The main function of B1, B2 and the annex lies in commerce, with an area of approximately 50,000 square meters. It involves unique commercial facilities such as brand retail stores, specialized restaurants, business service centers and lifestyle space, providing office staff, business people and residents with all-around, high-quality products and services.


Fourth, it offers sightseeing, cultural and recreational facilities. The sightseeing area on the top of Zone 9 covers an area of 4,000 square meters. Bringing to life the concept of an interactive, high-rise sightseeing, the city’s beauty can be observed and taken in with this vantage point.  The city’s residents and visitors alike can take a break outside of working hours in this space, where business meets culture for sightseeing, shopping, recreation and and relaxation.


Fifth, it features event space and the facilities to accommodate them. The banquet and conference areas in Zone 1 and the annex span 10000 square meters and meet the demands for conferences, forums, exhibitions, art performances, celebrations, fashion shows, parties and the like.


Additionally, there is a sky lobby composed of a double curtain wall at the bottom of Zones 2-8. There is a total of 21 full-floor sky lobbies in the building with transparent visions and panoramic city views, providing a safe and comfortable work and social environment.


Shanghai Tower also dedicated its efforts into improving its connectivity around the surrounding area. The building connects directly to Metro Lines 2 14, as well as Jin Mao Tower, the World Financial Center and IFC.

 Project Milestones



December 28, 1993

Planning Scheme of Shanghai Lujiazui Zone was approved by the Shanghai Government in the No.[1993]77 Document.

September 12, 2006

10 companies participated in the concept scheme solicitation and proposed 19 design plans and 21 design patterns

December 5, 2007

Shanghai Tower Construction and Development Co., Ltd. was established.

April 18, 2008

American architecture firm Gensler’s design was selected as the final scheme for Shanghai Tower.

November 29, 2008

The construction of Shanghai Tower broke ground..

July 1, 2009

The pile foundation of the main building was finished.

March 24, 2010

Shanghai Tower was awarded the LEED Gold Precertification by the US Green Building Council (USGBC)

March 26-29, 2010

The 60,000 cubic meters of concrete was successfully poured into the main building backplane

September 28, 2010

The construction of the subsurface structure of the main building was completed with 2 layers above the ground and 632 meters there for construction.

June 20, 2011

Shanghai Tower exceeded 100 meters.

December 6, 2011

Shanghai Tower exceeded 200 meters.

May 16, 2012

Shanghai Tower exceeded 300 meters.

August 2, 2012

The erection of the curtain wall of the main building was officially launched

September 13, 2012

Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development officially awarded Shanghai Tower the “3-Star Green Building Design Identity Certificate”.

December, 2012 

Shanghai Tower exceeded 400 meters.

April 11, 2013

Shanghai Tower exceeded 500 meters.

August 3, 2013

Shanghai Tower topping out

August 3, 2014

Shanghai Tower reached the designed height of 632 meters














 Bests in Shanghai Tower


Architectural wonders

China’s first super high-rise to exceed 600 meters

World’s first single building with a weight of 850,000 tons constructed on a soft ground

Tallest green building

Strictly followed the demands of green building certification, combined various green building technologies and strategies, in line with its commitment to environment protection

Largest pouring work for the main building’s foundation surface

Completing the concrete pour at one time by using 450 concrete mixer trucks, 8 pump stations of 4 districts throughout the city and 60,000 cubic meters of concrete within 63 hours

Tower bearings with the biggest diameter

Round-shaped, self-bearing, continuous walls as tower bearings with a diameter of 123.544m

Curtain wall supporting steel structure system with the highest construction precision

The most professional curtain wall sliding bearings, with an accuracy of up to 2 mm

China’s largest construction cranes

Four M1280D tower cranes to improve work efficiency

Heaviest damper

1,200 tons

Top-class facilities

First Chinese-style luxury five-star hotel

Co-branding with Jinjiang International Hotel Group – the J Hotel

Highest panorama restaurant

On the 120th floor, at the height of 556.7m

Highest hotel lobby

On the 101th floor, at the height of 470m

Highest swimming pool

On the 84th floor, at the height of 393.4m

Highest sky lobby

On the 101th floor, at the height of 470m

Efficient operations

Fastest elevator

Three sightseeing elevators with a maximum upward speed of 18 meters/second

First super high-rise with cloud computing system

Able to serve 15,000 to 20,000 people

Most advanced energy management and control center

Integrating CHP, Ground Source Heat Pump, ice storage system, electric refrigeration, boiler room, and other facilities.

Highest wind turbines

The tower’s topmost levels (565m to 578m) will house 270 wind turbines with a capacity of 135 kW of power

Diesel generator with Asia’s biggest capacity

Reserve capacity of up to 10,000 kW, single capacity of 2500 kW

Window cleaning equipment in the most complex path

Spiral-path gondola installed on top of the tower